About us

We created curv because of our own poor experiences dealing with SEO software providers, while running a SEO service company for many years. Too often they were not adequate with an inflexible agenda. Not us! We want to serve SEO service companies who share projects with their customers, companies with marketing departments and people running shops and websites. It’s early days and we’re not afraid to try new things if that means a better experience for customers.

At curv, our company values are defined by the people that work here. We want to provide our users with flexibility by breaking the norms and removing the hassle from what can otherwise be an ever changing and overly complicated market.

Our team

Ian Schäfer

Co-founder // Product lead & Marketing

Markus Göckeritz

Co-founder // Develepoment lead

Manuel Mächler

Co-founder // Finance & Operations

Dmitry Uvarov


Zheka Dzecina


Ryan Wang


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